Martyr: The Life of Saint Sebastian

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The wise Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “It is better to die for something than to live for nothing.” (Martin Luther King) That quote best befits the life of Saint Sebastian- the martyr. If someone still used their faith and preached the gospel after suffering from torture, that shows they have a calling from The Lord. A purpose that cannot stop even if tortured, shot at, beaten or even killed. His faith influenced the way that we as humans live today with his courage. Saint Sebastian, the 11th Century missionary martyr killed by Emperor Maximian and Diocletian of Rome, died in an effort of wanting to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Rome, encouraging those who were martyred and others to keep their Christian Faith and finally…show more content…
Having the morals and values of a Christian along with the power of a general can be beneficial to a corrupted Roman society. Saint Sebastian’s work was very significant in Rome. “During 274 AD and 367 AD,” there was a time of “political,social and economic evils.” (The Evils of Rome) Whereas, the Political evils such as the rulers of their time such as “Diocletian, Maximian, Nero and Thucydides” affected the lifestyle of Rome, (The Evils of Rome) their rule also affected the society and culture due to their hatred, greed and evil. In which, Sebastian worked to fight against.During Sebastian’s time, sometimes even the good emperors “needed first to be utterly brutal in order to take power.” (The Evils of Rome) The corruption of the rulers and their influence on the people led to “Slavery, Executions of Random Slaves, Proscription (Ordered Suicides of Senators by Emperors) and many more evils.” (The Evils of Rome). Another example shown of the evils that St. Sebastian fought against was the persecution of Christians. The Romans fought several wars with the Jews trying to get them to “accept the worship of the deceased Roman
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