Maruti Suzuki Marketing Strategy

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From the above analysis of the companies, following findings are being interpreted from them.

a) Performance
The Sales trend of Maruti Suzuki from year 97 to 2008 is illustrated in Figure 1.1 Fig 1, Source: CMIE Prowess Database (97-2007) ( Crore)
From the above pie chart, it is observed that in the March 2008 Maruti Suzuki’s sales was 21221 Crore which is 21.55 % more than March 2007.
Maruti Suzuki India Limited has started its production in 1983 by introducing Maruti 800. Presently with two manufacturing facilities and a combined manufacturing capacity of one million cars a year, Maruti Suzuki produces over 1.2 million units annually. The manufacturing performance of Maruti Suzuki India Limited can be
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Maruti plans to set up another plant in Gujarat for which it has acquired 600 acres of land. Maruti has around 1800+ sales outlets in all the cities combined and has a dealership which is wider than such competitors as Hyundai, Tata and Mahindra, even in the rural landscape. The place strategy in the marketing mix of Maruti covers not only its presence of dealers but also service centers, Service is a major revenue generator for the company, thanks to its wide…show more content…
 Good promotional strategy is adopted by MUL to transfer its thoughts to the people about its products.
 Maruti Suzuki recorded highest number of domestic sales with 9,66,447 units from 7,65,533 units in the previous fiscal (2016). It recently attained the 10million domestic sales mark.
 Strong Brand Value and Loyal Customer Base are big strengths for MUL
 There are around 15 vehicles in Maruti Product portfolio. Has good product lines with good fuel efficiency like Maruti Swift, Diesel, Alto etc
 Alto still beats the small car segment with highest number of sales
 MUL is the first automobile company to start second hand vehicle sales through its True-value
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