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Marva Collins view of her students is what made her to be so successful. She treated them as equal human beings and held them to higher standards that nobody else did. Marva could not have made her children successful, though, if it was not for her meticulous different method of teaching. Marva was always a unique teacher that demonstrated her love for teaching and for her students by creating her own method of teaching that is so different from other teachers that it often was viewed as crazy or wrong. In the book, Marva Collins Way, it was said that “Marva could lead with her eyes and her voice, winning control by a look or an inflection.” (Collins, 23) Marva was able to gain control of her class because of the tone of her voice and how she expressed herself to her students. Her method of teaching was simple, she never was angry and she always talked in a kind manner to all of her students. Marva realized, in the beginning of the book, that “A teacher had to sell children on the idea of learning.” (Collins 31) A way to sell students on learning is to express one’s own love for it, and that is exactly what Marva did. Instead of introducing a basic book or lesson, Marva made an effort to explain the importance and put her whole heart into winning the students into wanting to learn. Her method of teaching was like nobody else’s in her era; she always worked off of praise, even if a student made a mistake. Marva explained in the book, “To me an error means a child needs help,
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