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Marvel fans have been enjoying a Netflix treat over the weekend. As Luke Cage indulges viewers for their binge-watching pleasure. But this series is way more mature than the average Avengers platform. Spinning off from the original Jessica Jones, Cage takes you deeper to his origin story. Luke Cage’s signature yellow and Harlem references are not the only things that stand out. With a show that features sex, violence and a lot of swearing, viewers are quick to point out Obama’s name. And the political name drop is a confusing setting for the series. President Barack Obama’s name is heard several times in conversation with several characters and also in a song at a club. And this leads to a confusing bit, cites Screen Rant. What is exactly the course of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s political landscape?…show more content…
At this point in time, Obama is not the President of the United States of America. Rather, Matthew Ellis is. William Sadler is the actor who plays the current president in the MCU time line. So does that mean Obama here is still a senator prior to becoming a president? Or does it suggest that Obama is the president from 2008 to 2012. Because Luke Cage’s time line should be closer to the current time. Online speculations indicate that it is a continuity error. Because if everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is linked together, then Jessica Jones and Mike Colter’s character should be held under the Sokovia Accords at some point. Remember that legislation in the Captain America: Civil War movie that controls the actions of all enhanced individuals? But this small tidbit of a plot hole is not enough to dismay Luke Cage viewers. Season 1 is still showing on
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