Marvel Of The Superhero Genre

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Superheroes; to most people, superheroes are for a young boy’s first obsession or for an awkward teenager’s companion on lonely days. However, with the recent releases of blockbuster movies from Marvel and DC, the audience of the superhero genre is growing. (Complex) Both companies are now battling to be the best and their effects show in the characters and story arcs they produce. (Hyperbole) Some of the most prominent characters in Marvel, such as Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Iron Man, feature in Marvel’s most prominent team: The Avengers. (Colon) Alternatively, DC Comic’s popular superheroes: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, are distinctively solitary heroes who only form the Justice League of America in response to Marvel’s Avengers. With most of Marvel’s superheroes forming groups, the company is able to assign simpler powers to the characters, allowing for the strength and power of the team to be evenly distributed. (Complex) For example; within the Fantastic Four, the Thing carries out all the brute force, Mr. Fantastic handles all the research, Invisible Woman takes care of all the stealth missions and espionage, and the Human Torch builds all the mechanics. Each character has a simple power and a niche within the group that allows the heroes to be stronger as a whole. Creating solitary heroes, with occasional partnerships with sidekicks, forces DC Comics to assign their heroes with more complicated and sophisticated powers. (Participle) Superman,…
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