Marvel 's Influence On Morals

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Aaron Jeu Instructor Acevedo English 100 23 July 2015 Superheroes Influence on Morals Often times, one may observe that any young child’s piece of clothing or backpack is plastered with the face of some known or unknown superhero portrayed in popular culture, on television and in the movies. These superheroes are found throughout American society. Because superheroes are growing more popular amongst mass marketing for motion pictures and their merchandise is constantly targeting children and young adults, these iconic figures have been assimilated into American culture. Through the years, the infiltration of superheroes have become one with the everyday lives of young individuals as they are used to have a positive influence on society’s…show more content…
On the surface level, children are able to learn and determine these behaviors in a black and white manner. As a child matures, it is necessary for an adult, an educator, or a parent to come into play to properly foster and edify the child’s moral understanding. These depictions of superheroes fighting crime in itself are not detrimental to society on its own. It is the interpretation of what goes on through the form of entertainment and its long-term effects that it has on an individual if misconceived. Others may beg to differ and advocate that such examples of violent or aggressive behaviors through video games (Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Destiny, etc.) are destructive and immoral influences on individuals. While it is case by case for every individual, Gerard Jones, writer for Marvel Comics and many other comic book publishers, asserts that exposure to violent media does have its positive impacts on an individual’s morals and well-being. In his essay, “Violent Media Is Good for Kids,” Jones recounts his experience as a child being walled “between the crudest elements of American pop culture” because his parents taught him that “rage was something to be overcome and cooperation and cooperation
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