Marvin Perry Realism Essay

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Realism: During the middle and late 19th century, around the time this painting was composed, the dominant intellectual and artistic perspective throughout Great Britain was Realism.

Realism was founded on the concept of studying life and society as accurately as possible
Realists used scientific strategies based on data when studying their society to ensure that their explanations of the world around them were unbiased and true.
This approach also allowed Realists to understand the issues of their society, such as the immense poverty and gender inequality that surrounded them during that time.
According to historian Marvin Perry, “Realists...used the empirical approach: the careful collection, ordering, and interpretation of
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With a careful eye for detail...realists described peasants, factory workers, laundresses, beggars, criminals, and prostitutes” (Perry, 184).

Poverty: One of the severe social issues during this time was the growth of poverty among the lower, working class. These low class workers were exploited by their employers and superiors, as they were overworked and payed minimally, due to the lack of government restrictions.

Realist liberals along with advocates from the working class urged the government to alleviate poverty and create policies for business management.
Many members of the lower class had to resort to crime and prostitution in order to survive under this social and economic disparity.
Their argument suggested that the lifestyle of all members of society determined its overall welfare.

Historian Marvin Perry writes, “In the economic progress...the overall material conditions of society improved remarkably, sharpening the social contrasts” (Perry, 207).
“...In the last part of the nineteenth century, liberalism...had evolved into social democracy, which maintains that government has an obligation to assist the needy” (Perry,
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