Marx And Durkheim 's Views On Sociology

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Marx and Durkheim are two of the most important figures in sociology. You hear their names in all branches of sociology. These historical sociologists shaped the social structure in the modern world and are well known and still talked about today. Let’s take a glimpse at each of them. Emile Durkheim was a French sociologist; he is the founding figure in the sociology world and is also known as the father of sociology. He made sociology a science. Here are some of his main concepts: mechanic and organic solidarity, division of labor, and anomie. He sought to delineate how society was different from existing schools of philosophy and history. He believed that social facts are the only thing we should study and group level statistics is the only way to empirically do sociology. In the rules of sociological method he explains the social facts are also known as the norms and values that are critical to the function of society. He was most famous for his views on the structure of society.
He believes in the breaking of social bonds to feel connected to society and the need to work together; the division of labor was his solution. The division of labor focuses on the shift of societies from a simple society to one that is more complex. In traditional societies the collective consciousness rules and social norms and social behaviors are well regulated. Modern societies are more complex and common consciousness is less obvious, regulation of behavior was less correctionl and more

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