Marx Arranged Labour

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In” Estranged Labour” Karl Marx introduces an revolutionary theory of alienation which startles many readers whose happiness has been consumed by capitalism. He explains the causes of the psychological, physical, and emotional sufferings that victims of capitalism experience through his elegant theory which consists of four layers. Thus, each layer requires close analyzation so that his theory does not get understood as a merely explanation of economic result of capitalism.
Before examining the first layer of the alienations, it is crucial to understand what alienation meant to Marx. Alienation can be understood as a state of being unfamiliar or disconnected with something that a person should have been familiar or connected with in the
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Third type of alienation is “the alienation from human species being”. In order to understand the layer, first we need to define ‘species being’. According to Marx, it is a human nature. All humans have inherent natures within us that makes us different from all the other animals. What is it, then? What makes human species unique?As Marx suggested human being is different from animal because “ man makes his life itself the object of his will and of his consciousness. He has conscious life activity”(6). All human are conscious beings. Animal only produces what they physically need such as nests, nets, and dwellings. Their life activities are limited to their physical needs. Humans, on the other hand, create even when their physical basic needs are met. They are capable of thinking abstractly and creating things that had never existed before, but capitalism, in some cases, causes a man to be separated from his consciousness and will. At work, due to forced labor, man no longer uses his creative ability which he is naturally supposed to use to create his life. As a consequence, he becomes alienated from his human…show more content…
When a man is alienated from his activity of work and from his species being, he starts to build a wall for himself that separates him from others. He becomes selfish and egoistic and starts to treat others as an object since he already had treated himself as an object in the first place. As a result, his unhappiness at work follows him around and haunts him down even when he is not at work and causes him to be alienated from others human beings.
Marx suggests that as society becomes more capitalized, the more people will experience four types of alienations. As it has been previously noted, once a person is alienated from his very activity of labor, not only does he face economic problems he , also loses himself and his connections with those around
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