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6. Critically examine the specific methods used by Marx, Durkheim, Weber for the analysis of social forces and relations in modern society. Defining the concept of social forces and relations in modern society without assuming them as a derivatives of other sciences such as politics, philosophy, religion conclude us with the examination of them as the core foundation of classical sociological theory. Thus we will encounter with Durkeim, Marx and Weber’s conceptualization of social forces and relations in modern society. The idea of totality is the common feature of the classical sociological theory even the philosophical backgrounds of Durkeim, Marx and Weber’s perspectives are differ from each other. Before, we must know that the…show more content…
Egoistic suicide is a result of a lack of integration; altruistic suicide is a result of too much integration; anomic suicide is a result of too little regulation; and fatalistic suicide is a result of too much regulation. Durkheim is interested in suicide rates in the period of transition to modernity. What he found was an increasing in the rates of suicides. His explanation is that when social cohesion or social integration is low suicide rates tend to be increase. What was new about the transition period is that the Catholic Church was on the wane and this situation creates a problem in social integration because the church formerly provided the society with morality. From this, we can reach Durkheim’s basic assumption about psychology such that when morality wanes people tend to search for meaning in life and this increases the suicide rates. Question of meaning emerges as a result of the demolition of the dogmas, wane of morality and decrease in the sociability. Although the church and the religion play an important role in sociability, but the content of the religion does not matter for Durkheim. This is Durkheim’s boundary assumption about the religion. Not the content of the religion but the function of it matters. This is a functionalist view of Durkheim. The only thing that is important in explaining the social relations is that the function of that institution we are examining. Durkheim looks at the differences between countries and churches. What he
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