Marx Theory Of Reserve Army Of Labour

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, rather than reducing migration, economic development increases migration. Marx theory of reserve army of labour is central to what he has to say about capitalism and workers wages; the proletariat. Most migrants in society today migrate to the US and end up working in factories where they manage machinery. Marx theory illustrates how capitalist industries consists of two parts - the machinery and the workers. Capitalist industries expand by sukingin their workers to operate the machinery, upping their wages and attracting more of them. By doing so the worker is necessary to satisfy the needs of the machinery, rather than industry existing to satisfy the worker’s need. This process illustrates how capitalism exploits workers for their labour. Yet migration provides the capitalist industry with a wide array of wage-labour. Scholar Jeff Manza explains how higher pay depends on whether or not the product is profitable for the capitalist who owns the machinery to employ workers to operate. Marx draws the conclusion that capitalism is the first economic system in which there can be too many workers, with a large sum coming from migration as migrants are in search of economic development. The influx of migrants to the US continues to create a class of uneducated proletarians who remain unconscious of their role in unpaid labour. Immigrants become the primary source of cheap labour. migrant labour has become manipulated in the world markets by successful capitalist countries,
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