Marx Vs. Locke

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Marx vs. Locke
Work is something we do on a regular basis, it’s what gets us through our day and makes us who we are. In class, we discussed two authors who had a viewpoint on the idea of work. Rousseau and Marx express their opinions of the theory of work in their own writings. In Karl Marx’s reading called The Communist Manifesto he explains the differences and similarities between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat people. In Rousseau’s reading called Discourse on the Origins of Inequality mainly focuses on the differences and how people are treated in the world. Nowadays when you think about “work you would consider it to be very helpful, but back in the day not many people would agree with that. When reading the works of Karl Marx
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In the end, Marx pretty much concludes with the prediction that the wealthy people will have an unhappy future due to the expansion of the wage gap. Marx’s point of view on the bourgeoisie will get ruining by the proletarians due to three simple reasons. First off, the proletarian revolution will be across the globe, so the bourgeoisie will have nowhere to run because everywhere will be an equal society. Secondly, proletarian revolution will not be able to be avoided which means the bourgeoisie will not be able to stop communism. Lastly if someone who was in the bourgeoisie class and they try to fight communism they will be punished. In Marx’s idea the deterioration of the wealthy people pretty much puts them in an inevitable state.
“The Second Treatise of Government” is a short passage where John Locke explains what political power is and how political power is the way to make laws used for protection. In his view, these laws are only used to work when people accept them and because they are good for the public. In chapter 2, Locke explains that all people are originally in a state of nature. A person is in this state is a person that is bound by the rules of nature. He also states that human beings that are free from these laws have the obligation to protect the interests of other people, since they are the children of God. These people also have the obligation to punish those who go against God’s choices and harm others around them
When it comes to John
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