Marx, Weber And Durkheim 's Views On The Social

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Christina Hubbard February 6, 2016 SOC 310.01 Assignment #1 In this essay I am going to address three core sociology theorists; Marx, Weber and Durkheim, they all had different opinions about how society functioned through the different types of relationships. Each theorists had a different perspective about “the social” and how that perspective presented it through society. Marx’s view on “the social” was focused on production relations and how the classes interacted with one another through that type of relationship (Marx 1844). Weber’s view on “the social” was focused on meaningful relationships and he brought the aspect of religion and rank into his view (Weber 1925). Lastly Durkheim’s view on “the social” was focused on the moral relationships and how the individual acts according to society’s setup and social cohesion (Durkheim 1895). Conceiving the Social Marx thought the social was based on production relations and how the elites/capitalists communicated with the working class individuals (Marx 1844). Marx’s came from a historical materialist perspective and looked into how individuals in different classes acted in a society ran by obtaining material goods to boost their status in society (Marx and Engels 1846). Society put a lot of emphasis on the value of money and material goods; these days cell phones are every individual’s life, you can’t live without it (Marx 1844). We put big value on material goods that are probably not that important for us to have
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