Marx and Moore

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The biggest difference between the views of Marx and Davis and Moore resides in the issue of the distribution of resources. While Marx believes that there is an inequality in the distribution of resources between the bourgeoisie and proletariat classes, Davis and Moore theorize that inequality has to happen so that the most important positions are filled by the most qualified. Marx perceives society made up as two classes, the powerful and exploitive higher class known as the bourgeoisie and the industrial wage earners that must earn their living by selling their labor known as the proletariat. The bourgeoisie is known as the private property owners and the proletariat works for the bourgeoisie. There is an inequality between these two…show more content…
Therefore, it can be simplified down to this: the proletariat is always working not for himself but for the bourgeoisie in order to survive, producing products that will not only be taken away from them but decrease their human value as well. If one is to assign a monetary value to a proletariat’s life, for example a hundred dollars, each time the proletariat works, a dollar will be decreased from his total value and in the end he is basically left with nothing. However, since the bourgeoisie is the capitalist, he gains from the products produced by the proletariat and increases his own wealth as well. This inequality is why Marx believes there should be a classless society because the bourgeoisie will continue to exploit the hard working proletariats until they void themselves of any human value. It is unfair to have a minority ruling wealthy class over a majority class of working laborers. However, Davis and Moore disagree with how it is unfair to have a wealthy class ruling over the working class. Davis and Moore believe a society will function properly only if it instills certain individuals to certain positions, such that the more important positions are fulfilled by those that are most capable. Stratification is thus filling different levels of prestige with individuals that are qualified. Since higher positions require more talent and/or training, the individuals that fill those positions are
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