Marx and the Communist Manifesto

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“A specter is haunting Europe -the specter of Communism,” Karl Marx proclaims. This phantom maybe the resolution to rid a country of greed and exploitation. Karl Marx in the collaboration with Frederich Engels elucidates his concern of capitalism and his yearn for a communistic society in the book, The Communist Manifesto. In this book he explains his idea of true communism. True communism is a social order in which all citizens are equal. In communism equality means that society is classless, moneyless, and stateless. Citizens will no longer be able to own property, inherit money, and capitalize on their inferior. In his book Marx illustrates the essence of communism by explicating the relationship between the antagonistic groups, addressing the objections leveled at communism, and explaining the relationship between the proletariat and the communist. Marx utilizes a variety of argumentative appeals to persuade readers that communism is the solution to the wretched lives of the majority. As Marx goes about expressing his assertion, he commits fallacies that may hinder his credibility and the effectiveness of his claim. By the end of his book Marx declares men, women, and children of the impoverished community need to come together to overthrow capitalism and become a socialist society of communism because communism is the answer, communism is the future. Marx begins The Communist Manifesto by revealing the relationship between two antagonistic groups from different social
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