Marx 's Manifesto Of The Communist Party Essay

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Karl Marx was a philosopher, economist and a socialist. He grew up in a middle class family in Germany. He is one of the most important people in the history mostly due to his ideas that people refer to as Marxism, which includes many essays and theories about politics and economics. His most famous work is called Manifesto of the Communist party. In this manuscript, along with his friend Friedrich Engels, he states that the best way for a society to develop is through a revolution and struggle in which the working class will rise against the bourgeoisie or the ruling class. They both believed that the damages that a capitalist way of life brings will ultimately lead to a revolution that paves the way for a socialist way of organizing resources and production. This manifest also describes the problems of a capitalist nation and how it allows the working class to suffer. Marxism inspired many political movements such as those in Russia and China. Capital: Critique of Political Economy is also one of Marx’s most notable works which states the many flaws of capitalism and its ties to workers and property rights. Capital proves to be Marx’s stance against classical economists. Classical economists were in support of capitalism and believed that people have the right to own land for their personal gain. Marx believed that people should own all the production aspects of a society collectively. Communism and capitalism do not fit together in a society and this battle of ideologies
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