Marx 's Theory Of Alienation Essay

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This article will discuss about the background of of Marx 's alienation theory, then briefly introduce the dimensions of alienation. The diagreement of Marx’s key theory from Weber’s concept and the agreement of Marx’s concept by discuss Marx’s theory of alienation apply in Chinese sociological development and influence on building a harmonious society.In the 19th century philosopher Hegel introduced "alienation" as a philosophical concept . From a philosophical point to define the so-called alienation means that under certain conditions, subject and their quality or strength put into confrontation with their own, dominate their quality or strength, is used to express the essence of existence, subject to the conversion of the concept of object relations. Marx picked the term Alienation from the philosophy of Hegel, ‘he adopted Feuerbach’s critical reversal of Hegel and turned it into a critical sociological thought (Scott, 2006,p.7)’
Marx believed that labor is the essence of man, but under conditions of private ownership, proletariat and bourgeoisie are extremely opposites, the alienation of labor occurs. In bourgeois society, workers create wealth, it is actually a process whereby men lose themselves and their labor in capitalism. In Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844, Marx described four dimensions of alienation(Calhoun,2012,p151). Firstly, things workers create have been alienated from them.Workers are not proud of their production, they have been cut loose
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