Marx 's Theory Of The Industrial Revolution

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Kuyper/Marx Primary Source Paper Kuyper and Marx were men that lived in a time where the world revolved around money, production, and control. The Industrial Revolution led to a new era of questioning the social aspect of our life and what should be done in order to care for and how to help the people in their daily life as they were responsible for the fruitful results that came about from the era. Because of such rapid growth economically for many nations there was no care for the workers. Many atrocities occurred because of this lack of simple respect for the working class and economic strain that was put on the workers and their families. Both of these men attempted to find a way to fix the ongoing issues that were plaguing their countries and a matter of fact, the entire world. One through revolution the other through a Christian sense of being loving, sympathetic, and compassionate. Marx saw human nature as faulty. His reasoning is because he had seen so many times that one human being was attempting to take advantage or control of another. His reasoning was because of the way our society works through a capitalistic economy. The bourgeoisie (capitalist) had for so long strangled the proletariat (working class) from being able to advance in their lives and had forced them to serve their lifetime working from the age of eight up to their death. Marx saw the underlining reasoning being that the ownership of private property is what drove that innate desire
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