Marx 's Theory On Class Conflict And Society Essay

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Since the french and industrial revolution in 18 century, the world had come to a new era: capitalist society. Capitalism represents a big step forward in human productive abilities compared with previous forms of society. Along with the social development, there was a new group of people who was called the sociologist who analyze and try to understand how this society works. Marx was one of them and his ideas were influential. His theory mostly emphasis on class conflict and the society from economic aspects. This essay will first analyze Marx’s theory in detail. Then I will explain how economy and social conflict related to Marx’s theory along with the role of these factors in the capitalist society.

Marx defined social class as the class which sets the scene and moves things forward. He sometimes talked about there are only two classes: Bourgeoisie and proletariat, the class-in-itself and the class-for-itself, sometimes talked about there are many numbers of classes such as capitalist, working class and landowner. “There is no simple unambiguous, and universally accepted body of Marxist doctrine.” As Bob Jessop said, the thoughts of Marx in his life time were various and far-ranging. In general, Marx refers bourgeoisies as capitalists and they are major class in that period leading into industrialization. And he thinks the petty bourgeoisie as middle classes who cannot see themselves as part of class, only as individual. The last one, the proletariat, was described by
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