Marxism : An Overview Of Marxism

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Marxism: An Overview Marxism is comparable to Capitalism. Like Capitalism, Marxism strives for the profit-motive. Capitalism is driven by the continuous desire to increase capital (Ott & Mack, 2014). This means that every service exists only to produce profit. Marxism on the other hand produces two classes. The first are owners, and the second are workers. In the case of this paper we will simplify this and categorize the workers as consumers. The Ellen DeGeneres Show is a prime example of Capitalism. As entertaining and popular as the show is, there are a lot of factors that play into the production of the show. We will now examine these factors in depth. Concentration and Conglomeration When watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show, it’s hard to realize all the powerhouses, money, and subsidiaries that go on behind the scenes. The Ellen DeGeneres Show debuted on September 8, 2003 ( (Wikipedia, 2015) and today is in its twelve season of production. The show is owned and operated by Time Warner. Time Warner is one of “The Big Six” media giants in the United States. They rank number 156 on Forbes World’s Biggest Public Companies (Forbes, 2015). Under the broadcasting and cable industry, Time Warner came in third, just behind Comcast and Disney. Time Warner is broken down into three segments: networks, filmed entertainment, and publishing (Forbes, 2015). Under the filmed entertainment segment is Telepictures. Telepicture’s parent company is Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. which is
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