Marxism : Marxism And Marxism

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Marxism Final Essay – Marx vs. Marxism Nearly a century and a half has passed since Karl Marx’s death, but his work lives on in stride. Several contemporary 20th and 21st century Marxist scholars have adopted his eerily relevant critiques of capitalism into their own work, but in doing so, have revived unheeded interpretations of Marx’s theory and have uniquely diverged from his original texts in ways that reflect their individual historical, theoretical and political motives. This has resulted in a restoration of Marx’s account of ecology and capitalism, as well as novel gendered and geographical advancements of Marx’s theories. Contemporary scholars such as Marxist-feminist Sylvia Federici, John Bellamy Foster, and Marxist-geographer David Harvey have all contributed to Marx’s preexisting work but have also departed in ways that make them pertinent to their specific academic fields of interest. For this discussion, segments of three literary pieces from each of the mentioned scholars will be used to analyze what the authors contributed to or developed that was already existing in Marx’s work; what each author adds to the field of Marxism that had not already been established in Marx’s work or was entirely absent from it; and what reasons motivated these authors to transform Marxism in the way that they did. Overall, it will become evident that both the inclusion and advancement of Marx’s work and Marxism has kept apace with the contemporary times. To address the first

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