Marxism Midterm Essay : State And Revolution

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Marxism Midterm Essay: State and Revolution

Sarah Elberling

University of Denver

State and Revolution

The early 20th century socialist revolutionary theorists Vladimir Lenin, Rosa Luxembourg and Leon Trotsky believed that the withering away of the state and the removal of the capitalist mode of production was a necessary outcome if the individual was to ever realize their true nature as being free, equal and self-determining. This, however, could only be achieved through the development of the proletariat’s class consciousness and their defeat over the bourgeoisie. It is in this manner where both socialist revolutionary theory and practice share a dialectical relationship. However untied in their revolutionary visions of this international process, these theorists differ in what the role and functions of the revolutionary party should be in the historical development of the new socialist state.
For Lenin and Trotsky, they envisage the revolutionary vanguard party as being separate from the proletariat class. Their reasoning being that the working class themselves would remain limited by their own trade’s union consciousness and therefore, would need the assistance of the Central Committee to lead them in the methods to achieve the socialist revolution. For Luxembourg, however, the vanguard party would need to be rooted and systematically connected to the proletariat class itself in order for the revolution’s spontaneity and organizational dialectic…

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