Marxism On The Other Wes Moore

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Stephanie Messina
Period 5
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Marxism on “The Other Wes Moore” The working definition of Marxism is a theory that analyzes the relationships of classes and the social conflicts that are within the classes. Marxism claims that this conflict is between the rich and the poor. This theory entails thoughts of socioeconomic differences and focuses the systematic view of the economy. The theory of Marxism is very prevalent in the novel, “The Other Wes Moore.” “The Other Wes Moore”, and a short story titled, “The Lottery” are great example of the differences within social classes.
In the beginning of “The Other Wes Moore”, I was introduced to two both of the Wes Moore’s. They both had similar upbringings. They were both raised in Baltimore, Maryland. They each lacked a father-figure in their life, so circumstances for their families were difficult in regards to finances. In the era that they grew in, there was a typical stereotype for a young, black male growing up with an absent father. However, both of the Wes’s found themselves in similar situations when drugs and violence came to hand. Yet, only one of the Wes’s were fortunate enough to escape the poor fate. After life-changes for one Wes Moore, he finds himself at an academy that will ultimately change his entire outlook on life in a positive perspective. He received the Rhodes Scholarship, and was looked at by society as a success due to his status as a decorated veteran as well as a clever business…

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