Marxism Theory And Culture's Theory Of Culture

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Intro If a society is a body then culture would be it state of being or its mentality a society cannot survive without its though thus the though create the image and behavior that make the individual society distinct from other. A) Culture and Subculture To study culture is to find out the definition of culture from various viewpoints. For some people culture is the identity of a society, or another view of culture is that the culture is the sum of intelligence that was gather and inherit throughout the age and perhaps some researcher view culture as a state of being or mentality of a society. For example for Margaret Mead an American cultural anthropologist that have a view of society in her book Cooperation and Competition among Primitive…show more content…
Another Theory that roots from Marxism Theory will be the Culture Hegemony by Antonio Gramsci. Culture Hegemony in simple term is a theory that concludes the majority of power holders define culture, that they will always be dominant ideologies that manipulate culture. The constant struggle between power holders are like a pendulum that whoever have the majority power have the right to define culture using its own core value. Antonio Gramsci used base and superstructure as the foundation of this theory that clearly draw the line of culture as a whole where the minority follows the majority. “In Gramsci’s theory, subordinate groups accept the ideas, values and leadership of the dominant group not because they are physically forced to, nor because they are ideologically indoctrinated, but because they have reasons of their own. For example, hegemony is secured because concessions are made by dominant to subordinate groups and its cultural expression will reflect this.”(Strinati, D.

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