Marxism Vs Labor

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Orozco, Choi, Idrovo Karl Marx opposed Capitalist Societies because it creates divisions between business owners and laborers. Karl Marx noticed that business owners were exploiting workers by paying them as little as possible to maximize their own profit. Marx thought that these business owners were greedy, self-centered and materialistic. In Capitalist Societies, these laborers lead very different lives than the business owners. We think this caused laborers to feel alienated because they were not receiving support and recognition for their work. Our thought is that laborers were putting the majority of the work into creating a product or providing a service but were not receiving a fair share of profits or even a living wage. As laborers…show more content…
Therefore, we do believe that his theory of capitalism and his favor of socialism is helpful today because as mentioned before, we do still experience a huge amount of poverty, unequal living wages, and inequality. Marx’s theory also included the hope for revolution against the Capitalists. We see individuals trying to revolt against unfair treatment every day. For example, on September 17, 2011, there was a protest movement called Occupy Wall Street. This movement was aimed to protest economic inequality, greed, and the corruptive influence of corporations on government. We think that these protesters were asking for these issues to be addressed and for the government to take immediate action to resolve the income inequality, the lack of financial stability, and the lack of wealth distribution citizens felt like they were facing every day. We think that Marxism is helpful in understanding the United States of America today because even though the name of our country leads us to believe we are united, we are still facing a sense of division between the top one percent who are wealthy and the ninety-nine percent who struggle to make ends
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