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Marxism Within Black Theology of Liberation. This study seeks to expose the ways in which Black Theology of Liberation was shaped by Marxism through the writings of its founders, concentrating predominantly on the need to bring about the liberation of the poor African-Americans from their repressive white racist oppressors by any means necessary, and the redistribution of wealth to those deprived of it by their white capitalist oppressors. The theme of this researched remained embed in my mind during, and after the 2008-09 presidential campaign of former Sen. Barack Obama, when some of his political opponents thought it beneficial to disclose Obama’s connections to a Black Theology of Liberation. Through this research I seek not…show more content…
He argues that Christ’s ministry was centered at liberating the oppressed of his time. This Black Liberation Theology belief was extracted from two biblical verses, Isaiah 61:1-2 where the prophet Isaiah proclaims the coming of the year of the Lord in which He will proclaim liberty to those spiritually captive, and Luke 4:18-19 where Christ declares that He has come to free those who are spiritually captive. Black Liberation theologians are half-correct when they state that Christ’s ministry was, in part, centered at liberating the oppressed, but they omit that Christ referred to those spiritually oppressed not physically oppressed. In fact, the only moment in which Christ witnessed violence throughout his three years ministry was when his disciple Peter pulled out a sword and cut the ear of one of the soldiers who had come to arrest Jesus, at that instant Jesus healed the injury and reminded Peter that it was not by sword, but with the power of the Holy Spirit. Thus

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