Marxism in Titanic

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Critical Evaluation of Marxism in Titanic – Stephanie Kiewel – Critical Appraisal Film 5010 – Dec. 2013 The film Titanic used to be the most successful film of all times. The romantic disaster movie was released in 1997. It deals with both the historical catastrophe where 1,517 passengers lost their lives (Rosenberg, 2013). It is also a perfect example of class struggles and capitalistic ideals, presented in a love story between the classes.…show more content…
204). In relation to the Titanic, the builders wanted to satisfy the capitalistic society with the biggest and most impressive moving mode of transport ever made, which eventually cost them thousands of lives (World’s largest moving object, 2012). Calling the ship “The ship of dreams” makes it both, an icon for the American dream and a perfect example of the capitalistic excess. The ship also represents a microcosm of the class struggle. The first class, the bourgeoisie, (Marx, 1949) travel on the upper deck. The third class, the Proletariat, travel on the lower deck and cannot reach the same level, mostly because they are physically held back. One considerable example for this instance is shown towards the end of the film, when the ship is sinking and the
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