Marxist And Symbolic Interactionist Perspectives

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In this essay, I will be discussing the validity of Functionalist, Marxist and Symbolic interactionist perspectives as general theories or models of how modern day society works. I will be drawing on today’s society and how these theories have an impact on it. I will be giving examples on how these perspectives are still valid today and will then decide if I think one theory is more significant than the other and why. I will also be explaining what theory I agree more with and why the others are not as important. Marxist perspectives is a valid way of helping us understand the way society works today, this is due to many points Marx made which applies to the way our society is today. Marxist theory is extremely relevant in modern day society; the first point being that “exploitation still lies at the heart of the capitalist system”. This is because in todays society everything we do must come down to the fact that its all for money, examples of this is the exploitation of people in sweat shops, this is when major clothing companies such as Victoria’s Secret, GAP, H&M and Disney have sweatshops in countries such as the Philippines, Bangladesh, India and Japan. The conditions in which the people were working in were horrific only to be paid roughly 20 dollars a month. This just shows that exploitation does still lie at the heart of the capitalist system because they are working ridiculous hours in terrible conditions to provide first world countries with brands which they do
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