Marxist Criticism Of The Great Gatsby

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American Literature
14 April 2015
Marxist Criticism of The Great Gatsby
Society has evolved to the point where money is the biggest factor in our lives. People spend an incredible amount of time at their workplace for that miniscule pay raise. Money also plays a role in our relationships with the people around us, seen in the fact that people of similar economic status tend to congregate. This desire to gain more money causes conflict, mainly between people who have a great deal of money, and the people who struggle financially. There are many examples of conflict between the different economic classes. Class conflict in Russia led to the Russian Revolution, and class conflict in France led to the French Revolution. Economic status is also the cause behind many ordinary crimes. This conflict, both between and within classes, is exemplified in The Great Gatsby, which shows that conflict occurs because of the differences among the classes and the strive to rise to a new class, known as the American dream. In order to effectively reduce conflict in any form, something must be done to eliminate the distinction between the different economic classes.
To many people, The Great Gatsby is a perfect example of the American Dream because of its positive portrayal of it. James Gatz was the product of unsuccessful farm people (Fitzgerald 98). From the text, one can also find out that in the year before James Gatz became Jay Gatsby, Jay had been beating his way along the south
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