Marxist Criticism On Charlotte Bronte 's Jane Eyre

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Yair Guerrero Mrs. Jones AP Literature and Composition March 18, 2016 Marxist Criticism on Charlotte Brontë 's Jane Eyre Some novels will not let the reader escape the social setting, and Charlotte Brontë 's Jane Eyre is no acceptation. The author implements a symphony of details that strikes the reader as a full blown portrait of society. The novel 's surroundings profoundly influence the thoughts, emotions, and actions of every character, which makes out the setting to be as important to the novel 's development as the characters and personalities involved. This essay analyzes Jane Eyre through the Marxist lens and considers how the literary work accounts for the socio economic culture in its time along with how the work critiques these social ills. In the opening chapter of Jane Eyre, Brontë exposes her readers to the setting in which characters atone great faith to Social Darwinism, a theory in which the world is to be ruled by “survival to the fittest. The setting is also saturated with Divine Right Theory, which is a theory that grants justification to the ruling class to rule over the working minority because the people of the Victorian Era see this social hierarchy to be predestined by God 's command. Chapter one is a reflection on the conditions of the time in which the novel was written in, Brontë directs her characters Jane Eyre and John Reed to carry out a characterization of the tyrannical oppression with an unjust society: You are a dependent, mama says;

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