Marxist Perspective On Family

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According to functionalist sociologists, the family is the main institution of society where primary socialisation of children starts (parents teaching their children norms and values in the society). They also focused on the family in society and for its members. Functionalist sees family as a nuclear family that is the father, mother and their children. They view the nuclear family as the best family structure for modern society and also believe that family best fits industrial society. Parsons and Murdock have a similar view on family. According to G.P Murdock nuclear family is a universal institution and can be divided into four functions. These are reproduction, sexual, education and economic. On the other hand, Parsons believed that there…show more content…
Feminists believe the family benefit men instead of capitalism. In contrast, functionalists contend that Marxists ignore how the family benefits its members, for example mutual support and intimacy. Marxists neglect the values which family ensure for its members. Marxists do not pay any attention to accounts of family life where some women propose that experiencing motherhood is rewarding.
According to Feminism perspective family maintains and creates the economic dependence of women on men. They argue that family oppressing women, reproduces patriarchy and for that matter women have to fight for their right. There are different types of feminism; these are Marxist feminist, radical feminist, and liberal feminists.
Radical feminist see family in a negative way than liberal feminists. They said men benefit more family than women. Research conducted on housework and childcare, shows that men do less compare to females.
Kate Millett (1970) a radical feminists view families and modern societies as characterised by patriarchy (a system of domination and subordination in which males use power over children and females). Radical mentions that the families are the source of all women’s oppression and must be put an end to. This can be done through separatism (where women should live without depending on
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