Marxist Vs Liberal Democratic Models Of Women 's Liberation

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Marxist vs Liberal Democratic Models of Women’s Liberation Women rights are not a new topic no matter where you travel to in this world, this is a topic that many others have had approached from many angles on both sides. Where you are located determines the level of oppression a female may face and even the time of era plays a large role in human opinions of the time. Not all women have the same rights, it all varies on location, time era, social norms, and religious beliefs. Now a days women have more power than ever before however this has not always been so, such as the difference in feminism between Marxist and Liberal Democratic ideals and goals. Marxist wanted everyone equal in all fields of social norms, both women and men working together in factories and offices however this didn’t quite fold out as intended. For Karl Marx didn’t not understand the mental aspect of humans and made this ideal socially thinking that humans where robots incapable of emotion. Karl Marx with the help of Friedrich Engels planned to make a society where everyone was equal and on equal ground, no one higher in power then the next guy or women. In theory with all people working and giving to the country it will rise Russia to be one of the greatest countries of the world, but the old ways are still present. People don’t change as quickly as the rule of Marxism kicked in, it was introduced so quickly that people went in it with the same mind set as the past. Women in Marxism were now
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