Marx's Claim on Religion: Explanation, Analysis, and Problem

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Marx's Claim on Religion: In the past few years, Karl Marx has been increasingly incorporated in general sociology though his ideas are briefly mentioned or totally ignored in certain specialties in the sociological field. One of the major sociological specialties where Marx's ideas have been briefly mentioned is the sociology of religion. The sociology of religion only consists of few references to Marx's concepts and views though he accorded much significance to religion. Regardless of the minimal use, Marx made several claims on religion based on his views including the assertion that religion serves as a platform for reinforcement of exploitative social structures. Explanation of the Claim: The claim by Karl Marx that religion serves to reinforce exploitative social structures reveals that the sociologist was hostile to religion. Marx made this claim because of two major reasons i.e. the clergy's exploitation of the masses during this period and the support for capitalism by the church. In addition to describing religion as the opium of the people, Marx viewed religion as a platform of exploitation by capitalists who taught doctrines that prevented people from revolting against them (Ochulor & Metuonu, 2011). Following this exploitation, the capitalists encouraged the oppressed or the exploited to leave vengeance to God. Shagor (n.d.) argue that Marx was stating that the main purpose of religion is to establish an illusory fantasy for the poor in the society. As a
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