Essay about Marx's Theory of Alienation

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Marx's theory of alienation has to do with the separation of things that logically belong together. According to Marx, alienation is a universal result of capitalism. Marx's theory of alienation is based upon his observation that, within the capitalist mode of production, workers consistently lose determination of their lives and fates by being deprived of the right to envision themselves as the administrator of their actions. Workers become autonomous, self-realized people, but are lead and diverted into goals and activities set down by those who have power. Alienation in capitalist societies takes place because the worker can only express this basic social aspect of individuality through a production system that is not communally, but…show more content…
A lot of people take for granted the notion that labor strength reduces inequality. Cross-national work shows that globalization weakens labor by creating a global labor pool. Regional integration and globalization often are joined in academic and popular discussion because both entail the strengthening of economic, political, cultural, and social flows that cross national boundaries. There are three key distinctions between these regional integration and globalization. First, regional integration is geographically bound. Globalization is frequently defined as the strengthening of cross-border flows, and the borders crossed are any national borders. Regional integration also involves the strengthening of international interaction within bounded regions. The geographical boundaries of regional integration is pertinent to the effect of economic integration on income inequality because political institutions and human capital stocks should be more comparable within than between regions, creating more powerful market competition within than between regions (Beckfield, 2006). This is a good example of Marx’s alienation theory in that once the scale tips in favor of the capital side of the equation a tremendous inequality results. An initial look at the association between economic integration and national income inequality produces evidence of a positive effect of economic integration that weakens or even reverses at
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