Mary Alice : A Victim Of The Woman 's Inertia Essay

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In a desperate attempt to penetrate the woman 's inertia, Mary Alice raised her voice and was now practically shouting, "This is a mistake. A mistake! Please recheck your records. I 'm telling you, she is not dead!" The clerk 's head was turned in her direction but she didn 't even blink as the sound of Mary Alice 's shrill frantic voice filled the small office. She just stared, her face eerily blank and unresponsive. Mary Alice felt fear tear through her like a comet, panic overcoming her customary reticence. Terror drove Mary Alice 's purposeful strides around the iron railing designed to discourage the public from approaching workers to stand in front of the woman 's desk. The clerk looked up at her almost disinterestedly. Ever so slowly the woman dropped her hand onto the top of her desk and picked up what appeared to be an official certificate. Mary Alice snatched the paper from the woman 's outstretched hand and skimmed the form until she found the box where the victim 's name was inserted. Moments later, the paper fluttered to the floor as Mary Alice 's mouth opened and she began screaming. Mary Alice Duncan woke with her heart pounding like a stoned drummer doing the fourth encore of Moby Dick. She pushed herself up from the sweaty hollow in her crumpled sheets with shaking arms then scooted back until her back was propped against the wooden headboard. She wrapped her thin arms around her, willing her body to stop trembling and the blurry dream images to

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