Mary Bell

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Mary Bell By Katie Farina Professor B 4/27/14 I wasn’t thinking of planning to kill anyone when I was a ten year old girl. Why would I? In 1994 I was in school and during the summer I would hang out with my friends till it got dark and my parents called me to come in. I was playing softball with a travel team back then as well. I wasn’t thinking of planning to kill anyone when I was a ten year old girl. I also have a good conscience unfortunately, that if I ever murdered anyone even if it was someone I didn’t like I would probably be one of those kids that would tell their mother right away and face the music. That however, was not the case with Little Mary Bell. In this paper I will Summarize three key aspects of the…show more content…
" Mary said, after a moment, "clever to see me when I wasn't there." She stood up. "I am going home... This is being brainwashed." But Dobson wasn't about to let her go. At one point Mary asked, "Is this place bugged?"In the end she refused to budge. "I am making no statements. I have made lots of statements. It's always me you come for. Norma's a liar, she always tries to get me into trouble." At 3:30am Mary was permitted to leave. Dobson second-guessing himself. But after seeing Mary's behavior at Brian's funeral, and gathering additional testimony from Norma, he brought Mary back into the station.” Mary also attacked other kids. “The following day, three girls who were playing by the Nursery were attacked by Mary, with Norma nearby. One of the girls said that Mary "put her hands around my neck and squeezed hard... The girl [Mary] took her hands off my neck and she did the same to Susan." The police were soon called. Norma stated that "Mary went to the other girl and said, 'What happens if you choke someone, do they die?' Then Mary put both hands round the girl's throat and squeezed. The girl started to go purple... I then ran off and left Mary. I'm not friends with her now." The reason Mary Bell killed is because her mother was a prostitute and her father was not in the picture. Her mother had despised her ever since she was born she acted out to get attention. She knew how to kill by “she watched the 1950's-style Westerns.” “Nor, was Mary an alienated loner.
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