Mary By Roald Dahl

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In the short story by Roald Dahl he has introduced us to the character Mary. She is a devoted housewife as she waits for him to come home. The author Dahl takes time to explain her care and love her husband Patrick. Her desire to have everything shows she is selfless, even though she is pregnant. In the beginning of the story, “On the cupboard behind her there were two glasses and some drinks”. This shows how devoted she is as she waits for her husband to come back from work. When her husband, Patrick comes from work she treats him with love and kindness. “She stood up and went forward to kiss him as he entered”. Mary is also six months with child and for being pregnant, she is quite peaceful as people know women who are expecting children…show more content…
It’s not until the point when Mary gets terrified as quote “It wasn’t until then that she began to get frightened”. He begins to tell her the news and with she listened with puzzle horror eyes. As the reader we do not know what they Patrick had said to Mary but she pretended as nothing happen and decide to make supper but as she went to get the leg of the lamb, she had swung the leg on top of Patrick’s head and brought it down as hard as she can. As quickly as she did it, she had realized she had killed him. “All right, she told herself. So I’ve killed him”. Later she has began thinking about what would happen to her and her unborn child? “On the other hand, what about the baby. What were the laws about murderers with unborn children?” She begins to set up an alibi and starts to rehearsal so when the police come they won’t suspect her. After coming back from the store, she “finds” the body of her beloved husband on the ground dead and calls the police. Later as the story ends the police man are discussing what the possible murder weapon and says “It’s probably right under our noses. What do you think, Jack?” Mary laughs as she had fed them the murder
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