Mary Daly Changed Life for American Women

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In 1960, American women had limited rights in life such as in the workplace and in marriages. They were only allowed to "marry" young, start a family and devote her life to "homemaking" (Par. 1). Women had no rights to their husband's property or earnings. However, the women's husband would control their marriage, their property and earnings. Also, it was complicated for women to divorce their husband because women had to show evidence of their husband's injustice. Furthermore, as time progressed women became more independent, powerful and aggressive; supplying their own income and waiting to get married and have children. In “After the Death of the Father”, Mary Daly demonstrates women's freedom is challenging Christian views. I will discuss what Daly’s thesis is in the article, how she defends her thesis, what she is arguing and my evaluation of her argument. Daly's thesis in the article explains how women's revolution would influence our view of reality and also demonstrates ways it would impact Western religion. She defends how women's revolution can impact Western religion and the view of reality by stating as feminism rises it will lead to a diarchal society, which will challenge Christianity to abolish its oppressive behavior. Since women are becoming more dominant and being equal to men, it will lead to a diarchal society of a male and female; which will challenge the Christian religion to abolish its behavior of a man is more powerful than a woman. I believe Daly

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