Mary Jones Case Summary

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The case starts off by noting saleswoman Mary Jones was the tenth most successful rep in the country. Her first appointment was scheduled for 9:00 AM. She did not account for traffic, or plan to arrive 15 minutes early as is good practice for a salesman, leading to her arriving tardy. Companies already feel as if they are burdened by having to meet with sales people they don’t want to hear, and if they are forced to wait on them it will only increase their frustration. Royal should have employee guidelines in place to reassure both their employees, and their clients on what they can expect. During her meeting with the hospital, she objected to the teams request when asked that she be excused so they could discuss a decision, calling for a second…show more content…
One policy that you can never go wrong with is training employees to arrive to appointments prior to the time they are set to begin. As most experienced sales professionals will tell you, it’s better to arrive 15 minutes early rather than on time. The Huff. Post published a story on tardiness in the professional setting and stated “being late costs people money”. When it comes down to it, time is money. Business executives have far more pressing things than listening to a sales pitch. They know it, and you must show them you know it by valuing their time. How can you claim to provide a product or service that saves time and money when you yourself are not a good steward of it? It makes your company and your claims lose credibility in the eyes of the…show more content…
We arrived at this decision because it offers the most variability to complete a sale, and form a relationship with a client. With the information provided in the case, we constructed personalized proposals for each company mentioned during the case. This solution will increase sales, and create more business for Royal.
Acme Computers: The objections coming from the decision maker, Mrs. Betty White, was that “the program is more expensive the first two years” and “there would be an outsider here
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