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Why has MKC not been successful as Avon in penetrating international markets? There are a few reasons that explain why Mary Kay Cosmetics (MKC) has not been able to penetrate the international markets as well as Avon did. The head of MKC’s Dandurand has identified at four reasons, according to the case study. Dandurand’s analysis of MKC’s limited international success was due the following reasons: 1. Marking strategy: MKC applied its U.S. marketing strategy to different foreign markets without making sufficient local modifications. For example, the application of its U.S. style one-on-one, personal, and direct selling strategy to countries outside the U.S. did not always work well because it did not fit local culture and customs. 2.…show more content…
Rely services use innovative new ways in data entry. They provide medical data entry, voice transcription, legal transcription services, wav transcription as well. What are the arguments for and against entering (a) Japan (b) China? Japan: Arguments for: Important number of tourist with a good buying power (500 million dollar of cosmetics in duty free each year). Japanese women starting business would be customers for cosmetics market. Increasing women population working and having another activity outside the home. Arguments against: Strict ministry of health regulations governing imports: many ingredients not allowed in cosmetics in japan. China: Arguments for: Chinese women are interested in cosmetics. The party plan method would be accepted in China. Chinese women are entrepreneurial, and consider self-development very important and want to earn more salaries. Arguments against: Chinese people would not really accept to receive consultants in their home. Difficulties to find resources to explain and communicate the concept to consultants and consumers. What marketing mix recommendations would you make to Dandurand if she decides to enter (a) Japan (b) China? Japan: In Japan, the target market would be young women between 20-30 years, as this is the age for women to start working and having activities outside the home. Moreover, they start to get salaries. It would be possible
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