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[pic] MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) MARKETING MANAGEMENT (MKT750) GROUP ASSIGNMENT CASE STUDY : MARY KAY INDIA HAIR CARE LINE PRODUCT ALINUR AYUNI ALI2012416538 MOHD HAFIZ ABD GHANI 2012456922 UMI NADIA MOHAMED 2012217058 GROUP BM7702PA – EVENING TRACK LECTURER DR. SITI ZALEHA SAHAK TABLE OF CONTENT 1. Strategic Issues And Problems 1 2. The Branded Beauty And Personal Care Market In India 2 3. Mary Kay, Inc. 4 1. Mary Kay Inc. Hair Care In India 4 2. Summary Of Facts – 4Ps 6 1. Product 6 2. Price 6 3. Promotion…show more content…
Indian consumers, on average use shampoos infrequently on average every 7- 14 days. Urban middle class consumers typically shampoo more frequently than rural consumers. Women on average usage per shampooing occasion are 6 milliliters which is higher than the usage per occasion in western countries (4milliliters). Three benefit platforms are prominent; cosmetic, such as shine, health, and strength. Second anti-dandruff and third damage repair. Branded and packaged hair care oil, shampoo, and conditioners are sold in sachets and bottle. Sachets are small, closed plastic packets that range in size from 6-8 milliliters. Making products affordable for low income consumers, sachets are used to stimulate trial of new brands and products. Ordinary bath soap is often used as substitute for shampoo. Nevertheless, there are consistency of growth in India towards the sales of branded and packaged shampoos and conditioners: i. the frequency of usage has risen as purchasing power has increased and the emphasis on personal grooming intensifies in urban areas, ii. a trend toward upgrades from unpackaged herbs and hair oils to packaged good for washing and conditioning hair is apparent, iii. Broadened distribution, lower prices and mass media efforts by major hair care companies have prompted a switch from bar soap to shampoo for hair
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