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Mary Kay products have been seen to sell in more than 35 markets expanding across 5 continents. Mary Kay’s sales force exceeds 2 million globally with potential markets such as the Indian and Asia- Pacific areas that represent extensive growth opportunities. Mary Kay is focused on expanding into the Indian Market, due to its large population and market size. With the large population of middle class growing to a total of 500 million individuals will give Mary Kay the opportunity to build their brand and attract this demographic of consumers. Amongst the population that is averaging at 26 years of age consists of a growing number of women seen as highly optimistic candidates who have contributed to an increase in consumption
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Direct marketing is considered a channel form of advertising which enables businesses to communicate straight to the customer. This strategy eliminates the middle man throughout the distribution channel. The direct marketing messages are designed to accentuate focus on the customer, data and accountability. Mary Kay business model is built completely around this strategy. “The company’s approach to direct selling employs the party plan, whereby independent sales representatives host parties in a customer’s home to demonstrate and sell products.” (pg. 150) Looking into the Indian market, Mary Kay can foresee potential into expansion. Mary Kay has the ability to introduce their products to a large population and market size. By attracting this population can increase employment in the country. Mary Kay has also been very successful in China, which has a similar size in population and market size. If Mary Kay is able to replicate the success in China there is huge potential for India based on the market size.

The advantages of direct marketing of cosmetics when taking a product offering concept is based on the control of price, and the ability to convey your message. Mary Kay is able to demonstrate these concepts to potential candidates by creating a way for employees to buy into a way of life. Part of the product offering is to initially try the product so that employees look good and feel good when

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