Mary Parker Follet

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Mary Parker Follett Facts:
Known for: pioneering ideas introducing human psychology and human relations into industrial management
Occupation:social worker, management theory writer and speaker
Dates: 1868-1933
Mary Parker Follett Biography:
Modern management theory owes a lot to a nearly-forgotten woman writer, Mary Parker Follett.
Mary Parker Follett was born in Quincy, Massachusetts. She studied at the Thayer Academy, Braintree, Massachusetts, where she credited one of her teachers with influencing many of her later ideas. In 1894, she used her inheritance to study at the Society for Collegiate Instruction of Women, sponsored by Harvard, going on to a year at Newnham College, Cambridge, in 1890. She studied on and off at Radcliffe
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She first volunteered as a children 's rights activist in Boston, then worked to pass pioneering legislation allowing the after-hours use of public schools as community centers. She worked with the Women’s Municipal League to enact minimum wage laws, and her 1918 book The New State advocated an idealized neighborhood-based democracy. Through her later books and lectures she was largely responsible for the gradual adoption of a more humane management style in American business and government, favoring increased worker participation in decision-making instead of the dominant hierarchical authority structures which had been the norm. Her theory of management encouraged a fair hearing of disputes and saw diversity of opinion as a positive, not negative factor, for which she is sometimes remembered as the "mother of conflict resolution". She was cited as a key influence by management consultant Peter Drucker. High School: Thayer Academy, Braintree, MA University: Newnham College, Cambridge University (attended) University: BA, Radcliffe College (1898) Teacher: Business Administrtion, London School of Economics (1933) National Community Center Association VP (1917-18) Society for the Collegiate Instruction of Women Women 's Municipal League
Author of books:
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