Mary Prince 's A Vindication Of The Rights Of Women : Slaves As Human Beings Or Animals?

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Dr. Grace Kehler
05 November 2014
Mary Prince’s A Vindication of the Rights of Women:
Slaves as Human Beings or Animals? Throughout Mary Prince 's narrative, A Vindication of the Rights of Women, it is clearly evident that the brutal treatment from Prince 's mistresses, which she inflicts upon her slaves, is a common occurrence. Through her perspective, she tells the readers about the harsh treatment she receives from both her masters and mistresses. By doing so, she achieves sympathy from the readers, who could possibly be of the middle-class demographic. In Prince 's A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, she chronicles her life as a slave in order to demonstrate the inhumane treatment by the slave
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It was a sad parting; one went one way, one another, and our poor mammy went home with nothing (4).
This passage shows evidence that the slave trade during this time was very harsh and cruel. The children are placed upon the potential owners and they are put for sale like cattle at a slaughterhouse. Prince acknowledges the fact that she was very naive and unaware of the torture that was to come in her near future, and, in this passage, she only acknowledges bondage rather than pure torture and pain. Since she is only a child in the beginning of the slave narrative, her gruesome diction does not begin until she experiences her new owner and mistress; she comes to realization of how genuinely bad slavery really is. Soon, realization comes upon her with the knowledge that slavery is truly a nightmare and trulyhorrific. Dehumanization is completely evident throughout her story, through the slave owner’s ignorance towards their slaves’ weaknesses and injuries, and Prince’s false freedom when she is in Date Hill. During the trip in England, slaves are nonexistent since all those who adopt similar roles are paid fair wages and treated with respect. While she joins her master and mistress on their trip to Date Hill, she takes advantage of the small freedom by going to church frequently and surprisingly gets married to a free man. This becomes problematic for her master and mistress since, in their eyes,
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