Mary, Queen of Scots by Gordon Donaldson Essay

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The biography that is being reviewed is Mary, Queen of Scots by Gordon Donaldson. Mary Stuart, was born at Linlithge Palace on December 8, 1542, sixs days later she became Queen of Scotland. Mary became Queen of France and soon her greediness grew and she wanted to take over England. Mary was unwilling to stay in France, so she went back to Scotland. There her second husband died and she was imprisoned in England for the suspicion of the murder. Mary had a bad ending to her life. Mary got caught in attempting an assassination of Queen Elizabeth for which she was beheaded on February 8, 1587. In conclusion, Mary had a hard life trying to keep her thrones. The first chapter in the book discusses the reign of King James V,…show more content…
After the murder of Rizzio, Mary realized that Darnley, the playboy who was too interested in hunting and women, was unfitted for the political power in front of him. Mary reconciled with Darnley, but after Rizzio’s murder, it was not sincere. Mary and Darnley never cohabited again, even after the birth of their son. In chapter four, Mary is looking for the support of a man who is of assured loyalty. The strongest candidate then was James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell. Bothwell’s family was one of the most important in Scotland, with wide lands of their own and wider political leadership of other distance relatives. In February of 1567, Darnley was ill and staying at “the old Provost’s Lodging”. At two in the morning, an explosion demolished the lodge and Darnley was found outside, dead. Mary had visited him earlier that week for she was trying to reconcile with Darnley. She feared she was pregnant with a child and that everyone would know it could not be Darnley’s. After Darnely’s death, Bothwell abducted Mary, and they were married with protestant rites. By this, her people revolted for she “had thrown away her reputation, shown her approval of her husband’s murder, and abandoned the church of her fathers”. Even though she sacrificed her thrown for Bothwell, the marriage brought her no happiness. Before the marriage even took place, opposition was being formed

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