Mary Seacole

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Nurse and Entrepreneur
Mother Teresa once said “It is not how much we do- it is how much love we put into the doing.” In order to be a good nurse, you have to have as much personality as the knowledge you possess. Mary Seacole lived in the 19th century and was interested in medicine since she was a little girl. She was also a businesswoman who moved to many places including Kingston, Panama, and London. Seacole created the British Hotel, persisted to innovate ways to overcome being rejected because of her color, and illuminated the world by helping soldiers during the Crimean War. In 1885, the British Hotel was established by Mary Seacole and a relative that was in the shipping business. Seacole created the British Hotel because she
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Before the Crimean War, Seacole was trying to fight the Cholera epidemic in Panama. Later, when the Crimean War broke out, there was word that there was a shortage in nurses. “Seacole was in London in 1854 when reports of the lack of necessities and breakdown of nursing care for soldiers in the Crimean War began to be made public” (“Mary Seacole Jamaican Nurse,” 2014). She wanted to help, so she offered to be sent to the war so she can help heal wounded or sick soldiers. She was turned down. Thus, when she created the British Hotel, she helped as much as she can with the experience that she had from Panama. “Her remedies for cholera and dysentery were particularly valued” (“Mary Seacole Jamaican Nurse,” 2014). After healing soldiers during the Crimean War, she returned back to England bankrupt. By using her own money and persisting, Seacole helped many soldiers get back up on their…show more content…
With help from her husband’s cousin, she created the British Hotel. This is where she would take in soldiers to heal them to health. Before this, she had to persist by not being affected by being rejected from Florence Nightingale's nursing team. Although with much experience, she was rejected because of her color. Thus, she created the British Hotel. Because she created it, she illuminated the world by healing soldiers. By giving them food, drinks, a clean home, and using her medical knowledge to cure or mend many soldiers. Many of the soldiers that were taken into care by her were healed and were able -to return to their normal life. Seacole’s story shows that people should take risks in life and that people should persist when things don’t go their
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