Mary Shelley

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Mary Shelley was born on August 30, 1797, becoming a distinguished, though often neglected, literary figure during the Romanticism Era. Mary was the only child of Mary Wollstonecraft, a famous feminist, but after her birth, Wollstonecraft passed away (Harris). Similar to Mary’s book Frankenstein, both her and Victor’s mothers die when they are at a very young age. Mary’s father was William Godwin, an English philosopher who also wrote novels that would inspire Mary in the late years of her life (Holmes). Many years later, Mary would get married to Percy Shelley although he had been previously engaged (“Shelley” Exploring). Although Mary’s mother never lived long enough for her to see her parents together, they were profound philosophers in…show more content…
The only remaining child Mary possessed was a son named William (“Shelley” Exploring). Similar to her book Frankenstein, Mary was left with her last child William after many deaths just as Victor Frankenstein only had his little brother Ernest to support him in the end. After the trauma that had struck the Shelley family, Percy wanted Mary to live her life to the fullest and not give up. Percy wanted Mary to have what she most yearned for that was growth, love and freedom. Similar to the novel Frankenstein, the monster that Victor Frankenstein creates wishes for the same that Mary had coveted her whole life. (Harris) At the age of twenty-four Mary’s husband drowned leaving her with her son William and no money (“Shelley” Exploring). In the novel Frankenstein, Victors wife whom he had just married, died shortly after leaving him with just his father and Ernest as Mary Shelley only had William and her father. The tragic events that occurred in Mary’s life seem to pass down into her novel Frankenstein in a similar fashion from which they happened.

In conclusion, many people and events throughout the course of Mary Shelley’s life influenced her novel Frankenstein. Similarities between her book and her life began to appear at a young age for Mary. The death of her mother and a quest for knowledge appear to be similar concepts to Frankenstein during Mary’s childhood. Also numerous
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