Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein As Responsible For The Death Of Justine

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein depicts a man who has made many terrible mistakes in a quest for discovery and glory. Different people or things could be considered responsible for Justine’s death, such as Justine herself, or the justice system and society, though these are not mainly responsible. The creature could also be considered responsible, but he is a creation of Victor Frankenstein, and it is because of him that the creature had committed the crimes. There are numerous things Victor Frankenstein could have done to prevent the death of Justine, yet he did not do them. Victor Frankenstein can be considered responsible for the death of Justine Moritz.

Justine was hanged after being found guilty of William’s murder. William had been killed by the creature, as he had been insulting it, and when the creature discovered that William was related to Victor, he strangled William. The creature was drawn to William’s locket, which he takes, and later places in Justine’s dress. Although Justine could have tried to speak up and against her punishment, she is not responsible for her own death. She confessed to the crime, possible hoping that this would result in a less severe punishment. Despite this, she is still killed. Trying to say she was innocent likely would not have helped her avoid her punishment either. [Justine could not be considered responsible for her own death.] The justice system and society were responsible for Justine’s death. However, it is because of Victor…
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