Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein - Original Writing

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Author:Mary Shelley
Date of Publication:March 11, 1818

Provide information about the period (literary, historical, philosophical, etc.).

Many people argue that the gothic genre is a reaction to the Age of Reason. This movement stressed the power of the human mind. Frankenstein is categorized as this.

Identify the genre and specify how this work fits its characteristics. The genre is gothic science fiction. It combines fiction, horror, and romanticism. It display horror in that many murders and deaths took place. Also, Frankenstein was seen as an enemy that struck horror in people’s faces. It is also science fiction because Mary Shelley presents information that is advanced beyond the time of the 1800’s.

Provide significant details about the author.
Both her parents were revolutionaries and writers.
She was inspired by reading a series of german ghost stories.
Shelley was known to daydream and escape into her imagination

Provide plot points (use bullets or a graphic organizer).
Robert Walton begins the novel with his letters.
Victor boards Walton’s ship and starts his narration.
Victor’s parents adopted a child named Elizabeth, who will marry Victor when they get older.
After years of studying, Victor finds out how to bring a body to life.
Victor grows sick, contemplating his creation. He brought a monster to life.
Victor 's younger brother William is murdered.The family 's servant Justine is blamed.
Justine is executed.
Victor goes on a
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