Mary Shelley 's Life And The Creation Of The Monster Essay

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Throughout Mary Shelley’s life, she has faced many obstacles that have made her a strong woman. The events that took place in her life influenced her to create the novel Frankenstein. Shelley’s life has been documented by many biographers (Biography editors, 2016). Many people have also written about the novel 's original story, Shelley’s relationship with Frankenstein the creation, and the devaluing of life in Shelley’s Frankenstein. In the novel, Victor has a love for science. He collects body parts from the dead to use for the creation of the monster. During the time period this took place, science still was being frowned upon. The creation of the monster was impossible to everyone back then because science was not as advanced as it is now. Frankenstein is said to have many similarities with the author. As the novel of Frankenstein unfolds, you can relate parts of the novel to Shelley’s life.
The historical background of Mary Shelley is very complex. Shelley was born in England. She married a poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley, in 1816. Two years after getting married, she published the novel that she is most known for, Frankenstein (1818). Shelley also wrote several other books such as: Valperga (1823), The Last Man (1826), and her autobiographical Lodore (1835). Shelley grew up with her father because her mother died shortly after her birth. Her father was a philosopher and political writer, while her mother was a famed feminist who also was the author for writing The
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